Nett / Netting / Tulle


Net/ Tulle Fabric

Please note: width of this fabric is 3 Metres.

Net/ tulle is lightweight textile in which the warp and weft yarns are looped

or knotted at their intersections, resulting in a fabric with large open

spaces between the yarns.

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Netting can be used for many things. This includes adding fullness to a garment,

  especially common in wedding dresses and prom dress. It is also used for many costumes,

including fairy outfits. Netting as well can be used: to make tutus for dancing costumes and

as the foundationfabric for many kinds of needlework. Tulleis often used as an accent,

to create a lacy, floating look. Tulle mayalso be used in underskirts or petticoats to

create a stiff belledshape. Very fine netting, which is often starched. Gowns are

often puffedout with the use of several layers ofstiff tulle. Tulle netting is also used to

make veils, since it obscuresthe features of the face while allowing the

wearer to see out.

There are other applications for tulle netting. Finely woven tulle netting is

excellent for insect control,for example. The tulle netting can be stretched

over potentiallyvulnerable plants to keep insects out, and it can

also be used to createan insect tent over a bed to protect sleepers.

Tulle comes in a wide array of colours, and it can also easily be dyed to

suit the needs of the consumer.


Choose from variation of 13 different colours.

The fabric is:

100% Polyester

The measurements of this fabric:

Width - 300cm (approximately 116 inches).

Fabric is cut per 0,5 metre

If you buy more than 0,5 metre you will receive one continuous length.